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Because we care about animals

How it all began: the Landguth story

Motivated by their shared love of dogs, two friends founded a company marked by authenticity, integrity and mutual trust. The company’s story began with a focus on high-quality, natural wet food for dogs and cats.

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Family, friendship and innovation

An idea becomes reality

The company was founded in East Frisia’s Riepe in 2004 by Alfred Saathoff and Bernhard Albers. Initially, it had seven employees. Their approach of selling natural, responsible pet food and playing a key role in species-appropriate nutrition for dogs and cats was a success. And so Landguth quickly swelled to an impressive size, with its workforce of seven employees swiftly growing.

Passionate. Honest. Shaped by partnership.

Taking flight as a family-owned company

The aim? For healthy, super-premium dog and cat food to be available to as many pets as possible. The family-run company started with the private label business model. Manufacturing grew within a short space of time and the administrative building expanded. Now, the manufacturing space spans more than 4 hectares.

Landguth factory

Our recipe for success? East Frisian down-to-earthness, a good sense of collegiality and outstanding quality.

Our high quality standards are the biggest and most important factor in our success. We remain curious and innovative so we can offer the best quality in the long run. We’re constantly investing in modern developments and high-quality manufacturing facilities. And yet we don’t have our head in the clouds: we know that our employees are our most precious asset. That’s why a good sense of collegiality is particularly important to us.


The company is founded in Riepe (East Frisia) by Alfred Saathoff and Bernhard Albers.

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A large manufacturing hall is built onto the office building.

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Additional manufacturing halls are constructed.


A new administration building is annexed to the old office building.


An additional manufacturing hall is built.


Manufacturing is expanded in 2018, too, and the company cafeteria ‘Michels’ is created.


The newest – and largest – administration building is completed.

Unternehmen 2022 Gf

Mark Albers and Jürgen de Vries join the management board alongside managing partner and founder Alfred Saathoff.

Manufacturing overview

Private-label manufacturer

We now manufacture premium wet food for dogs and cats in tins, pouches and trays on a site spanning around 4 hectares. Our products are characterised by their particularly high quality. We use top-quality raw materials, without any additives or flavour enhancers.

Manufacturing is carried out across a total of ten cutting-edge production lines with a high level of automation. Landguth is not visible as a B2C brand. Instead, it manufactures private-label products for specialist retailers and high-end food retailers. All told, we supply around 200 customers across 50 countries.

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