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Working with Landguth to create a private-label brand for super-premium cat and dog food

A successful private label, step by step

Innovative, personal, individual: Landguth develops exclusive private-label brands for super-premium wet food for cats and dogs. With a comprehensive range of services and high-performance manufacturing processes, we’re a partner you can rely on.

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Partner for private-label brands

Private labels: the key to success

As a skilled partner, we draw on our extensive experience to guide our customers along their journey towards creating a private label. Landguth develops exclusive private label concepts – no matter whether they’re for an all-new brand, an expansion of an existing brand or an idea for a start-up. We work collaboratively to find bespoke solutions. Landguth takes care of the whole process from the initial idea to the finished product: we jointly develop the formulation, tap into our specialist expertise and offer support right up to launch.

Why Landguth?

Where personalisation meets skills

We’re an innovative manufacturer of high-quality wet food for cats and dogs and craft our products to suit our customers’ individual requirements. No two pets are the same – and that goes for our products, too. Thanks to the efforts of our nutritionists and product developers, every formulation is unique and tailored to our customers’ requests.

The benefits of Landguth’s private-label dog and cat food products are clear: each formulation is custom-made. We make 100% of our products in Germany using top-quality ingredients predominantly sourced from the local area. We supply sustainable product concepts and skilled, personal advice.

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The benefits of Landguth’s private label services – an overview:

  • Always custom recipes
  • The best ingredients, primarily sourced from the local area
  • Sustainable product concepts
  • Skilled, personal advice on all questions relating to private-label dog and cat food plus
  • A sense of partnership and collaboration with our customers as equals

We work together to develop suitable concepts that meet high quality standards – nutritionally balanced and tailored to the individual needs at hand.

Full-brand service

A reliable partner with plenty of perks

Our services span the entire the private label process from start to finish. Our customers can rest assured that they’re receiving top quality – whether that’s in terms of the personal advice they’re given, the development of their private label or the manufacturing of their pet food. Our full-brand service encompasses an array of advisory benefits and offerings. We are also extremely flexible in terms of the quantity manufactured. Product safety is guaranteed from the off thanks to veterinary checks, while our hygiene management approach has been certified to food standards by IFS Food – and, thanks to our innovative, ultra-modern production facilities, all our products are processed in a particularly gentle way. Alongside personal advice on development, sales and marketing, we also offer warehousing and stockage services, logistics support and professional assistance with exports.

Best-in-class services

Working together to create a winning private-label brand for dog and cat food

Our team of nutritionists and product developers assist our customers with creating their own bespoke product – step by step.

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Five steps to creating a super-premium pet food

A private-label brand should be something special and set itself apart from its competitors. Whether you’re looking for an idea for a new product in the premium pet food segment or are keen to realign an existing brand, our comprehensive services are here to help. All our products are individual, with every dog food and cat food backed by personal advice and support throughout the entire product development process. More than 10,000 different recipes for high-quality pet food speak for themselves.

Here’s how it works:

What sets us apart

Landguth’s USP for successful private labels

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We guarantee that all our customers will receive products with USPs on the market.

We assist with everything relating to product development, formulation and design.

We offer our customers the growth opportunities that they need.

We also supply sustainable products such as meat substitutes or reduced-meat hybrid products.


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