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Private label

Making private-label premium pet food successful

Clear, communicative, strategic: can you unlock potential with pet food products? You can indeed! More goes into a private label than you’d think. We offer our customers comprehensive advice when creating a private label for super-premium dog and cat food.

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Private label manufacturer

The route to a successful brand

Tap into every opportunity and use development to shore up your own brand identity on the market. Our tailored, bespoke analysis and strategy see us offer reliable assistance with winning consumers’ trust in high-quality dog and cat food.


Clarity and security for your brand

How can retail brands and products be best positioned on the market? We draw on our extensive knowledge of the market in terms of wet food for cats and dogs to conduct a thorough analysis in conjunction with our customers. This is always based on their projects, plans, requests and pre-existing product range. We analyse which target groups are best suited, whether the market is favourable and ready for the product and what added value the specific high-quality pet food offers for the target group. We approach new projects with curiosity and love working with our customers to create the ideal private label.

The ingredients

Product and range design

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We jointly develop the perfect dog and cat food recipes based on the desired range. They include ultra-fresh, high-quality meat and a wide range of ingredients sourced from the local area where possible. All recipes are nutritionally balanced and optimally aligned with the differing needs of cats and dogs. We are here to help you design your formulation by drawing on our nutritional expertise and veterinary knowledge.


Peerless marketing and sales

Once you’ve decided on the formulation and developed your dog or cat food, the pet food needs to be marketed and sold as a new private-label brand. Here, too, we’re here to offer skilled assistance. We know how to shape brands and always offer personal, reliable support so your product launch can be a total – and long-lasting – success. Our quotes are honest, fair and competent. We’re delighted to serve as a reliable, trustworthy partner for our customers, assisting them on their journey from coming up with an idea to selling healthy, super-premium pet food.