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We forge premium brands

Full-brand service

Advice. Strategy. Manufacturing: We’re a skilled partner and private-label manufacturer of super-premium pet food. Our services span the entire process of developing an individual private label for high-quality wet food for dogs and cats.

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Brand development

For the perfect presence

It’s not easy to market high-quality pet food successfully. A good brand presence creates trust in the product. In the process, brand development and other approaches relating to manufacture, logistics and sales are core components of a successful marketing strategy. As a skilled partner in the development of private-label brands for pet food, we offer our full-brand service from a single source: from the marketing strategy to product selection and range design. We collaborate with our customers to determine the right path for the product – and always take their individual needs into account.

Advice: consultations that create clarity

Crafting a new brand, generating a buzz and turning a private-label dog and cat food brand into what it should be: successful brands can be planned. At the start, targeted information is key to ensure the private label can be well-positioned. As a result, personal, comprehensive consultations serve as our foundations.

Manufacturing: premium-quality pet food

Exclusivity and transparency in one? Of course. Why? Because we strive to manufacture super-premium pet food:

Labor A
  • We use custom recipes for wet food for cats and dogs to ensure we’re fully meeting our customers’ requirements.
  • Veterinary checks are performed during manufacture to ensure peerless product safety.
  • Our quality management system is aligned with the same hygiene standards as those for the production of food for humans. For instance, Landguth’s processes are aligned with the IFS Food Standard and HACCP Code.
Produktion G
  • Our pet food is guaranteed to be a complete food. It does not need to be supplemented with other food and meets all the animal’s needs.
  • We are keen to use regional products from local producers to keep transport routes short.
  • Our freshness guarantee sees us guarantee that our ingredients contain the maximum nutrients.
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities ensure that ingredients are processed gently.
  • Our pet food is free from any nasty ingredients.

Supply and logistics: well-thought-out from start to finish

We manage the final product however our customers need. This enables them to minimise the outlay required for supply and logistics relating to their high-quality dog and cat food. We’re always by your side with easy, transparent order processing. On request, we can organise the entire transport process for private labels, right through to retailers.

Landguth LKW
  • Easily and reliably re-order products via email or phone.
  • We can also handle warehousing, i.e. stockage and provisioning, for a supplementary fee.
  • Our professional export team is here to help with all the documents needed.