The path to your own brand

Advantages of your own brand

Own brands have been showing strong growth for a number of years. This is not surprising, because own brands offer many advantages for a company:

  • Secure source of revenue: Trade brands are cheaper to purchase than manufacturer brands because marketing does not have to be financed. More flexible price structuring is possible because consumers do not have the option of direct comparison.
  • Independence from brand manufacturers: Trade brands offer independence from the pricing policy and marketing pressure of major brand manufacturers.
  • Image benefits: The positive image of trade brands reflects on the whole company because the purchaser associates the product with the company.
  • Sustained customer loyalty: Premium quality trade brands achieve long-term customer loyalty to the company.

Own trade brands have many advantages. As a manufacturer of premium whole meals for dogs and cats, Landguth Heimtiernahrung is specialised in the development of effective trade brand concepts and integration into existing own brand programmes.

Driven by customer requirements, we produce individual solutions for the successful positioning of our products within the respective brand. Where requested, we can support and manage the entire brand creation process chain from the initial decision to the introduction of the product at the point of sale. Our full brand service encompasses many aspects of advice and service:

The analysis – where is their space in the market?

With our comprehensive knowledge of the market, we work together with you to conduct a thorough analysis specially tailored to your situation. Where is their space in the market? What are the target groups for this product? What characteristics must the product have in order to attract the target groups? Together, we will find answers to these and many other questions.

Product and range design – what is involved?

Together, we compose the recipe for the new product: which meat should be used – beef, game, kangaroo? Potatoes, rice or pasta? Cranberries, pears or pineapple? Whatever you decide on, our expert nutritional and veterinary knowledge is available to ensure we produce a healthy pet food product – guaranteed.

And we can, of course, advise you on the design of an integrated and optimally diverse product range.

Marketing and sales: how do I sell my product?

We are there to help when it comes to marketing and selling your new product, too, whether in the design of a label that suits the target group or the positioning of the product at the point of sale. We do everything to make your product launch a success story!

Talk to us about your product requirements. We would be delighted to put together an individual proposal and to serve you as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Your brand is our standard, your success is our goal!