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Quality without compromise

What it says on the tin: That's what really matters

When it comes to our wet dog and cat food, we focus on super-premium quality without compromise – and thus differ significantly from other products.

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Our promises

Content and quality make the difference

Healthy food is just as important for animals as it is for humans. We therefore process all ingredients as quickly as possible to preserve their freshness and vitamins. We have been working according to this guiding principle for 20 years. We source meat and other ingredients almost exclusively from producers in the region and pay particular attention to short meat transportation routes. Our ultra-modern production facilities with specially developed cooking programs guarantee particularly gentle production: the healthy ingredients are thus almost completely preserved.

What characterizes a good product

This should be inside and on it

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A good product is characterized by a high meat content and only natural ingredients. We avoid artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and pay attention to a balanced nutrient profile. Our high-quality production process and consideration of individual needs make the product quality unique.

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We pay attention to:

  • low ash or fiber content
  • the absence of animal and bone meal
  • a low or moderate phosphorus content
  • no added sugar
  • a balanced ratio of protein to fat and calcium to phosphorus
  • visible ingredients
  • no hidden sugar or other ingredients
You can rely on us

Gently processed for the highest quality

The gentle processing of all ingredients guarantees the freshness of our products. Our modern production facilities are designed for gentle cooking in order to preserve as many vitamins as possible.

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That's what makes our products special:

  • The formulations are implemented individually.
  • The formulations are developed according to FEDIAF specifications.
  • We do not use powders. Fruit and vegetables are visibly recognizable in the feed.
  • The chunkiness is customized by adjusting the perforated discs.
  • Whether vegan, vegetarian or with insects – we also use new or alternative protein sources.
  • Diets or a low-purine diet are no problem for us.
  • We also use high-quality cereals at the customer's request.
  • We do not use any colorants in our food.
  • We produce identical recipes in different containers.
  • An open and one hundred percent declaration of ingredients is a matter of course for us.
For your health

Strong ingredients for strong animals

Dog or cat owners tnt everything for the health of their pets. We do the same. Our experts provide advice and ensure the best formulations.