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Shaping the future: for people, animals and the environment

Sustainability at Landguth

Every day, we are committed to producing species-appropriate, high-quality pet food for dogs and cats. We also take responsibility when it comes to sustainability. This enables us to meet current trends in the production of pet food – and, above all, to do something for the environment.

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Sustainability and environmental protection

Innovative thinking

The use of resources is becoming increasingly important in the production of healthy, high-quality food. In order to do justice to this development, we are focusing on innovative ways of developing alternative, sustainable pet food. Through continuous research, we strive to constantly improve the quality and sustainability of our products. This innovative approach enables us to develop high-quality and healthy products that not only meet the needs of the animals, but also contribute to reducing the ecological footprint. Our focus is on meat-reduced products that are supplemented with plant-based ingredients or use other protein sources. By focusing on alternative pet food, we are not only helping to reduce our environmental impact. We also offer our customers innovative solutions for a healthy and balanced diet for their pets.

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Research at Landguth

As sustainable as it is good

Our product developers have been working on sustainable pet food for several years now. We are conducting research to ensure that the taste experience and nutritional balance are optimally coordinated – and that a positive ecological balance is still possible. The development to date has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Research.


The BSFZ seal

Proof of our know-how

The BSFZ seal stands for innovation competence through in-house research. In the course of the project "Development and research of meat-free wet dog food", we were awarded the BSFZ seal. It is awarded exclusively to researching and developing companies by the BSFZ (Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage). For us, this is excellent proof of our in-house innovation expertise and confirms our research.

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Our green team

Doing even more for sustainability

Quality and ingredients play a major role in the development and production of pet food. However, the production processes and the associated use of resources are also becoming increasingly important. To meet this demand and to be able to guarantee truly sustainable dog and cat food, Landguth has a sustainability team: our Landguth Green Team. The team deals extensively with the development of sustainable products. This includes, among other things, sustainable packaging solutions, CO2-neutral purchasing channels and effective energy recovery.

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More for the environment

Green electricity

We do our bit for the environment by opting for green energy. By using Naturwatt pro electricity, we rely on an environmentally friendly energy source that supplies our production with clean and renewable energy. Naturwatt pro is certified by TÜV NORD and is generated from 100% renewable energy sources. Production reduces the generation of radioactive waste and is also CO2-neutral, including upstream chain consideration, and contributes to the expansion of renewable energies.

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Close to our hearts

Social commitment

We are actively committed to the welfare of dogs and cats in need and donate food to animal welfare organizations. We also support local animal shelters in their care. Landguth regularly organizes international donation drives with local shipping companies and works together with animal welfare organizations to help animals in need worldwide. We also support regional associations and are active in sports sponsorship. Because it is important to us to strengthen the community and bear social responsibility as a company. We want to shape a better future for animals and people alike.

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ISO 50001

Saving energy

ISO 50001 certification certifies that organizations improve their energy efficiency in a structured manner with the help of an energy management system. The aim of this system is to monitor, measure, control and continuously improve energy consumption. Energy targets can thus be better set, measures implemented, progress monitored and performance evaluated in a controlled manner. The overall aim of the international standard for energy management systems (EnMS) is to reduce the environmental impact associated with energy use. The standard was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We derive many benefits from ISO 50001 certification, as the requirements enable us to save energy and costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions sustainably and keep a watchful eye on compliance at all times. We owe this to our environment.

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Certification according to ISO 50001

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Climate certificate

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