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About us

Conscious quality out of love for animals

We are an innovative and high-performance partner for national and international private labels. We supply more than two million cats and dogs with high-quality wet food every day.

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More than just a service provider: a true premium partner

Landguth – Partner for pet food in super-premium quality

We are a leading producer of premium wet food with firm roots in East Frisia. Close to nature, down-to-earth, regional.

We are a competent partner in the development of successful private labels. From the initial idea to the composition of individual recipes through to distribution. With our know-how, we produce top-quality wet dog and cat food as a private label.

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Our love for pets

The naturalness of our products is particularly important to us – this means a healthy, sustainable and high quality standard, without flavorings or flavor enhancers.

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Our love for the environment

To ensure that our products are not only good for your pet but also for the environment, we produce with 100 percent green electricity and work every day on a better CO2 balance, recyclable packaging and meat-free alternatives.

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100 % made in Germany

We produce regionally and down-to-earth in the heart of East Frisia using high-quality raw materials from the region wherever possible. We carefully check the quality of our ingredients and subject them to regular laboratory tests.

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Individuality and expertise

Just as every pet has a unique selling point, so do our products. Developed with our nutritionists and product developers, each recipe is individually tailored to the needs of the animal and the wishes of our partners.

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A passion for high-quality products

Our premium wet food without flavourings and flavour enhancers is characterized by its naturalness and high quality standards. Each recipe is individually tailored and nutritionally balanced.

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loyal friends have four legs
to carry their big hearts."