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Landguth Heimtiernahrung

Reliable partner from East Frisia

We are a leading producer of premium wet food for dogs and cats with firm roots in East Frisia. Close to nature, regional and as down-to-earth as the people in the region.

Landguth Team Drohne
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For the love of pets

Original East Frisian – uniquely high quality

Since 2004, we have been creating the basis for a vital life for dogs and cats with healthy, high-quality wet food. We see ourselves as a premium partner that provides reliable and competent support. We convince through quality and service: this includes personal and comprehensive advice as well as our market knowledge and production expertise. Our customers can expect a lot from us when working with us. As a team, we ensure holistic project management in every phase of private label development and absolute transparency. In addition to the production of private label products, we also offer a comprehensive full-brand service package.

A strong team for strong quality

East Frisian values and regional ties are the basis for our success: fairness, honesty, loyalty and good cooperation. We achieve our goals together with our committed and competent employees. The Landguth team makes a daily contribution to the welfare of animals, people and the environment. Together we find the best way to feed over 2.8 million dogs and cats a day in a healthy and species-appropriate way.

Our claim: Only the best is good enough

The health and happiness of dogs and cats are very important to us. That is why it is our aim to offer high-quality dog and cat food. Landguth makes an important contribution to a species-appropriate diet for over 2.8 million pets every day. Our concept includes countless healthy ingredients and different recipes – always in premium quality. We work with many regional suppliers and products. On the one hand, because we want to make a contribution to environmental protection. And secondly, to make our healthy pet food even more valuable. The best ingredients, the absence of artificial additives, veterinary controls, reliable raw material certification and gentle processes result in wet food for dogs and cats in top premium quality.