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Exclusive dog and cat food

Handmade fillets from the manufactory

High-quality dog and cat food cooked to perfection. We create exclusive fillet products from the very best ingredients in our own factory.

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Handmade with Love

Fillet manufactory for that special something extra

In collaboration with our customers, our team of experts develops particularly refined products of the highest quality. The fillet for dogs and cats is produced by hand and is also given a special topping. Genuine handmade creations are created with the utmost care in the manufactory. We produce the finest fillet for cats and dogs, enriched with high-quality superfood ingredients. The special innovation of the "Made in Germany" creations: All products are developed as complete food.

Simply diverse

We do it ourselves: Creations with a twist

Our quality promise: All products contain up to 60 percent meat. Soups and patés can also be offered.

The products are available in 70 g, 140 g and 220 g tins. Sizes of 40 g and 70 g are available in pouches.

Chicken Pur F freigestellt

The following fillet varieties are available:

  • Salmon
  • tuna
  • Chicken
  • turkey
  • pork
  • beef
  • and many more ...
Tuna Shrimps F freigestellt

The following toppings are available:

  • Mussels
  • shrimps
  • quail egg
  • egg
  • ham
  • Cheddar or other cheese varieties
  • various vegetables
  • and much more ...
Variety diversity

Refined with love

The possible combinations are almost limitless. Our experts ensure that our customers' wishes are fulfilled to their complete satisfaction. Fresh fillets of chicken, tuna, turkey or salmon form the basis for the handmade creations. Shrimps, vegetables or fruit offer perfect and infinitely tasty combinations.

Handmade Filets V2