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Private Label

Making your own brand for premium pet food successful

Clear, communicative, strategic – unleash the full potential of pet food products. It works! There is more to a private label than meets the eye. We advise our customers comprehensively on the realization of their own brand for dog and cat food in super-premium quality.

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Private label manufacturer

The path to a successful brand

Utilize all opportunities and secure your position on the market by developing your own brand identity. With a customized and individual analysis and strategy, we reliably help to gain the trust of consumers in high-quality dog and cat food.

The analysis

Clarity and security for the brand

How can the brand and products be best positioned on the market? With our extensive market knowledge of wet dog and cat food, we carry out a thorough analysis together with our customers – always based on their intentions, plans and wishes as well as the existing product range. We analyze which target groups are best suited, whether the market is favorable and receptive to the product and what added value the special and high-quality pet food brings to the target group. We are curious about new projects and look forward to creating a suitable private label together with our customers.

The ingredients

Product and range design

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Based on the requested range, we work together to develop suitable dog and cat food recipes. This includes particularly fresh and high-quality meat and a large selection of ingredients that are as regional as possible. All recipes are nutritionally balanced and optimally tailored to the different needs of dogs and cats. We are on hand with nutritional psychology expertise and veterinary knowledge to help you design the recipes.

The sales channel

Optimal marketing and sales

Once the recipe has been finalized and the dog or cat food has been developed, the pet food must be marketed and distributed as a new private label. Here, too, we are naturally and competently at your side. We know all about branding and always provide personal and reliable support to ensure that the product launch is a complete and, above all, sustainable success. We prepare an offer honestly, fairly and competently. We are happy to accompany our customers as a reliable and trustworthy partner on the path from the idea to the sale of healthy pet food in super-premium quality.